Watters ~ w.too

Agency Corra

Visual Design Jade Jariya

Watters is a leading brand in bridal serving the needs of brides and bridal parties worldwide. We were tasked with the design of the entire Watters website, including their new sister brands. Along with rethinking and rebuilding the ecommerce experience, we focused on developing a distinct look and feel for each of the brands.


W.too is the bold, vibrant, and more playful daughter in the Watters family. The website needed to reflect a modern look and feel. One of the biggest tasks was creating a brand page that captured the soul of the brand. We aimed to create a design that was striking, bright, and colorful, enticing the customer to explore.


Working closely with the Watters team, we focused on a style that incorporated playful icons and textures. The younger spirit of the brand allowed us to work with bold colors and graphic elements. We made sure to strike a balance in giving w.too a strong personality, while staying within the overall Watters brand aesthetics and structure.

Brand Page